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Sep 28, 2012 12:00pm EDT
virginia, kentucky, a new area is coming its way. the trajectory is going to be a little southerly. we are not a prime target. we will probably be on the north edge. for the game tonight, the forecast, as the game starts a little after 7:00, it will be in the low 70's and there will be a lot of clouds and maybe a brief shower. it is a big navy. by the time we finish the game, 10:00 or 11:00, we think the rain shower chance will probably be a little higher toward the end of the game but still not a guarantee and temperatures will drop to the upper 60's. yes, if you have some kind of poncho you can wear to the game, i would do that. but we would probably get away with the game sometime this evening. maybe a brief delay. we will talk more about the forecasts going into the weekend in a few minutes. >> a baltimore city police are investigating two separate shootings were the victims are women. the most recent case happened just after 9:00 in the 400 block of south agusta ave. police say the victim, and 18- year-old woman, was found inside a car with a gunshot wound to the head. south balti
Sep 27, 2012 1:00pm PDT
's virginia where both men targeted the same group of voters. let's walk over to cnn's naon political correspondent jim acosta who's been out on the campaign trail wahingt' going . another dramatic da. virginia, virginia, virginia. pretty important place. >> that's right. a rare visit to washington for me. but it's good to be home, wolf. all politics is local. so it was no surprise to hear both candidates hit on national security themes today in their speeches in virginia. but the state is much bigger than that. it's really a republican firewall for mitt romney. in battleground virginia, both president obama and mitt romney pulled out the heavy artillery before a group of veterans, romney slammed the president for the massive defense cuts part of the fiscal cliff coming at the end of the year. >> it is still a troubled and dangerous world. and the idea of cutting our military commitment by a trillion dollars over this decade is unthinkable. and devastating. and when i become president of the united states, we will stop it. i will not cut our commitment to our military. >> the presiden
Sep 14, 2012 5:00pm EDT
approved by the office of professions here of health in virginia to do that. >> now, regulations like this have been proposed in a number of states, and their passage in tennessee and kansas led to clinic closings. rosemary said a real possibility for her is that this facility would close as well. she expects there will be some sort of legal action before that happens. >> the latest now on the murder of u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans in the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the remains of the fallen americans have come home now. nbc white house correspondent mike va cara joins us with the story. >> rorter: it was a solemn and somber ceremony at a joint base andrews this morning, somewhat of a surprise the white house had scheduled this late in the morning. the president traveling to joint base andrews, accompanied by the secretary of state hillary clinton. the secretary of defense leon panetta. chief of staff here and other top officials. the remains of those four, and let's name them now, ambassador chris stevens, sean smith, glen doherty, tyrone woods,
Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm EDT
over virginia, governor mitt romney was in northern virginia working on the military vote. he met with veterans in springfield at the american legion post. >> reporter: peggy fox in springfield where governor romney makes an appearance and meets local veterans at the american legion post. governor mitt romney talked of his support of defense spending hammering president obama for the job losses predicted under sequestration cuts at the end ofthe year. >> if you keep going around the world, it is still a troubled and dangerous world and the idea of cutting our military commitment by a trillion dollars over this decade is unthinkable. >> i'm very encouraged by the things i'm hearing from governor romney. as they say, the commander in chief has a responsibility to the military and veterans and he reflects that as well. >> reporter: but that's not the opinion of veteran jim dillard who represented springfield 30 years in the virginia house of delegates. >> it's president obama that's done more for veterans than practically any other president. he extended the services to spouses as
Sep 17, 2012 6:00am EDT
, expecting a new york avenue where it crosses est virginia-montana avenue there is a disturbance. on the topside of the beltway from 95 to 270, this is what the pace looks like. back to you. >> thank you. while you were sleeping, mei xiang was hard at work becoming a mother for the second time. >> o exciting at the national zoo. a cult was born at 10:40 last night. -- the cub was born. john gonzalez joins us. >> the 15-year-old mom has been cradling the newborn ever since she gave birth around 10:40 last night. for most of the morning the zookeeper's were not able to receive it, there were only able to hear noises. an hour later they got a first glimpse. it's hard to see the new baby due to the fact it's only about the size of a stick of butter. an exciting morning at the national zoo. this has been in the works for about seven years since the female giant panda gave birth to expressed baby in 2005. to tell us more about what happened late last night and what will happen for the weeks ahead is one but -- is the chief veterinarian. >> it is thrilling for us at the zoo and for the
Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
reports from romney, west virginia. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in romney, west virginia. this small town may share its name with the republican presidential nominee, but even here the partisan sniping has grown really nasty. >>> i'm anita brikman with this health alert. teens have shown colonoscopy without laxatives can find conventional polyps as well as the test. many think the bowel cleansing prep is the worst part which isn't needed with laxative 3 c2c. >>> a 70-year-old driver being treated for injuries he got when his car did this, crashed into a home in olney, maryland. the vehicle ended up in the living room of the home today in the 19500 block of olney mill road. a husband and wife were home at the time of the crash. she was literally sitting in the living roomer when dog, but they are okay. county building inspectors are trying to figure out if the home can still be lived in. >>> d.c. mayor vincent gray was on hand today to make good on a promise to revitalize commercial property in southeast. demolition begins on a landmark east of the river retail site skyland shopping c
Sep 24, 2012 12:00am PDT
the interview yet. >> we're from the great state of texas, a man from virginia -- >> mr. rich has done the show before. you clearly haven't. this is my gig, my stage and i will finish the introduction. >> okay. okay. finish your introduction. >> after going their separate ways for several years, they're back together, musically with a new album, "hillbilly jedi." they join me now. welcome, gentlemen. >> okay, now, whoa, whoa, whoa. where do you get off? >> let me ask you a direct question. are you or have you ever been a liberal? >> i don't know what that is. >> that may cause the confusion. >> what i know is i'm a farm boy raised in virginia to a dad who was a hard-working man and a mother who taught me music and gave me great lessons in life, and i feel like the sky's our ceiling, the ground is our floor and the world is one big happy home. we ought to just love everybody. how about that? yeah! >> there's no room for that kind of thing in this world. >> people say that about john and i constantly and we debate about as tough as any two guys can, but we end it always with a cold beverage -- >>
Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm EDT
and virginia's governor says he agrees. >> we don't want anybody stranded. we do want to try everywhere possible to make sure services are expanded. the games are at 8:00 or so, there will be a lot of people getting back at 11:00, 12:00, we want to make sure that service is available. we'll find a solution. i think in the big scheme of things, there's broad regional interest in making sure our fan base is supported there and perhaps if everybody is able to contribute a little bit, we can get this done. >> nationals have a magic number of five to win the national league east division title, but the team has already clinched a spot in the playoffs. >>> well organizers of this week's madonna concerts are willing to foot the bill for metro to stay open late. pathe deposit for an extra hour after last night's show. it's also going to pony up more dollars for tonight's second appearance by the material girl. >>> and madonna's tour is putting the spotlight on the acrobatic sports, flak lining. you can learn more about that at >> coming up on 9news at 7:00, rick perry's bid for the
Sep 8, 2012 5:00am EDT
virginia. that's leftovers from some big storms that moved through indiana and ohio last night. that activity seems to be letting up a little bit. there is still some thunder and lightning in it. but a new area of strong storms will develop later on this morning and this afternoon out west of us to start moving in this direction. and it will contribute to a big change in our weather this weekend. as well as some rough weather this afternoon. so we'll talk about it coming up. stick around. >>> police in lawrenceville, north carolina rshg investigating whether five high school football players from maryland hired prostitutes to come into their hotel after their season opener. five high school players from the catholic high school are accused of hiring prostitutes after they won against durham's hill side high school on august 31st. officials say the student athletes have been removed from the team. two of the students have withdrawn from the school, while two others are facing expulsion. a fifth student faces a disciplinary hearing. >>> linebacker brendan ayanbadeyo is reporting
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
events in virginia but they can't wait for just the debates. i think conservatives want to see not just big events in terms of big ideas but big events that grab the nation's attention. the romney campaign is frustrated because they say all the press asks them about is process but that's par for the course and true in every campaign i've ever covered, the press will talk about process particularly polls. mitt romney, conservatives are waiting for him to be big in events, big in message, big in personality. it seems like right now the campaign is waiting for him to do that in the debates. >> mark, you know why they focus on process, because there's not substance to -- you know, it's funny, in 1988 facing a more hostile press george h.w. bush never once whined about process. you know why? because james baker told the press what they were going to be following. and he told the candidate what he was going to be doing. and every week the candidate did it. the message was unbelievable. but again, going on with charles krauthammer, for six months mitt has been matching obama small ball for sma
Sep 7, 2012 7:00am EDT
office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] get breakfast made the way you say, like your very own egg white & cheese topped with that creamy super food, avocado. want jalapenos? red onions? done and done. on toasty flatbread? you so got it made. ♪ at subway but it makes millions off west marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs an
FOX News
Sep 18, 2012 6:00am PDT
iowa. joe biden heads to the same state today. paul ryan will head to new hampshire and virginia later. iowa has six electoral votes and they're getting all kinds of attention and lets you know how every single vote counts in the election. martha: crowd in iowa. many states will enjoy that kind of attention as we go through the process. bombshell senate report highlighting serious abuses we want to tell you. errors in how the social security administration doles out disability benefits that report, found more than a quarter of those benefits should never have been awarded. according to one estimate the average lifetime disability award gets sent out, $300,000. and this is why this report matters. last year some 10.6 million people received more than $128 billion in disability insurance payments. everybody wants them to go to the right people. the problem it looks like a quarter of them are going to people who don't deserve them or do not need them. stuart varney joins me right now, anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business network. this is a tom coburn-led report. he has always
Sep 16, 2012 7:00am EDT
. focusing on the politics in prince william county, virginia. back to your calls, we are focusing on the "the new york times" editorial entitled "the road to retirement." rosalie is on the phone. caller: good morning. thank you for your show. on this retirement, i was wondering, my husband died of lung cancer at 47. i went back to school, got a good job, saved a lot of money. interest rates are dropping down to one-half of 1%. i used to earn between $1,000 and $2,000 for year. i have earned interest of only $138 on $300,000. and i help my children. as i dip into my principal, because i gave slow interest half of 1%, i cannot help my children as much. we are all being affected. i am extremely angry at the interest rates being so low. it is helping the rich people, but what about older people who have saved all that money and now we are getting 120 something dollars out of it? host: for you personally and others in a similar situation, what do you think the solution is? caller: a quick solution should be some sort of help for older people who have taken minimum distribution out of t
Sep 19, 2012 11:00pm PDT
the battleground scoreboard. first to virginia where a new york times/cbs/quinnipiac poll finds president obama with a four-point lead over mitt romney. about the same there, 50/46. in wisconsin, same poll shows the president leading by six, 51/45. that's important given paul ryan is on the ticket. and in colorado, obama with a small lead. always tricky now that state. why is colorado tricky? 47/48. that close. >>> welcome back to "hardball." the floodgates have opened. criticism of the romney campaign by his fellow republicans is growing louder and fiercer since romney's caught-on-tape comments on that 47% came to light monday. here was republican strategist mark mckinnon this morning. >> what we're seeing is an increasing problem of him being able to connect with voters in a sense that he understands and shares their values and concerns. and that gap's widening. >> uber conservative charles krautheimer, who has defended romney in the past, ripped into his comments last night on fox. let's take a look. >> he said these are people who consider themselves victims. now, that's not a very smart th
Sep 28, 2012 2:30am PDT
a weapon. >> the president was 360 miles away heading back to washington from a campaign rally in virginia beach. the white house said too busy to meet with israel's prime minister. the relationship has been tense, even frosty, an issue that mitt romney tried to exploit. >> president obama has thrown israel under the bus. >> reporter: the white house feels it is more in tune with voters. >> i executed on my foreign policy and one that the american people largely agree with. so, you know, if governor romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so. >> that was nbc's andrea mitchell reporting. >>> this morning iran is responding to netanyahu's red line comments saying it reserves the right to retaliate against any attack. meantime, new internal israeli government report finds that international sanctions are, in fact, hurting iran's economy but have not slowed down the nuclear program. the report calls for another round of sanctions to be implemented. >> in the race for the white house, we have got new batch of poll numbers coming out on three more battleground states
Sep 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
are still closed there. if you're traveling in virginia, leading the district heading to 395 southbound, as you approach it -- as you approach thie beltway southdown, a car fire causing brief delays. let's send it over to cynnÉ simpson and kris van cleve. >> 6:31, and a working holiday for candidates on the campaign trail. president obama campaigned in ohio before checking on the damage from isaac in louisiana. >> mitt romney is taking downtime in new hampshire, but running a paul ryan is heading to north carolina. brady hit joins us from charlotte with the latest. >> good morning. today, carolina fest is taking over the streets of charlotte. this is kind of like a kickoff party, leading up to the democratic national convention tomorrow. the first big guest arriving today as first lady michelle obama. >> it is time to move forward. that is the choice of this election. >> this week is the democrats'' turn to rally support for president obama in his bid for a second term. the stage is set in charlotte with democrats filling their convention. >> up close and personal. >> democrats are usi
Sep 20, 2012 8:00pm EDT
,000 in virginia, just shaving off 100,000 votes in the states could turn this election. secondly, when you look at congressman john lewis that pay the price for us to vote, you think that donna is right, we need to have a two-pronged strategy. we have got to fight for the law and we need to do everything we need to do to vote this year so where we can't turn them around like ohio and pennsylvania and michigan and reverend charles williams and others in michigan, we can still vote because if they could take no right to vote instead of against jim clark and get eaten like like john john ls san jose williams, then what excuse do we have if we can't get a couple of i.d.s and go to the pole? we cannot be that lazy that we cannot do what we have to do this november so as much as we are outraged about it, we need to have a strategy that we are there for going to be proactive in deal with it. lastly i'm glad you've said this because i'm with the conservatives. i'm a conservative. i'm trying to conserve the voting rights act. i'm trying to conserve the civil rights act. those that are trying to have a r
Sep 20, 2012 2:00pm PDT
mahon, virginia senate candidate george allen, and now nevada senator dean hower have all gone wobbly, refused to stand with, stand for the outed mitt romney, the one who tells rich people that the rest of the country is a bunch of loafers, freeloaders, bums. well, last night a new wobbler showed up, mitt romney himself. racing like a desperate crazy man, he suddenly declared he's changed his mind on the whole 47% business. that he's now proud of being the grandfather of obama care, proud to say he's for same-sex couples having partner rights and no way he wants to run those 12 million immigrants out of the country. so how scared is this candidate that he's now turning tail on so much of what he's been standing for? is the man we caught behind the curtain suddenly afraid of the script he's been reading? is this the moment, the etch-a-sketch moment, we were warned was coming, the alloutmoment of moral melt down. this afternoon, this afternoon at the univision candidates forum president obama responded to romney's caught on tape comments where he wrote off 47% of the country. let's take a listen
Sep 18, 2012 11:00am EDT
to someone? >> say hello to my mom in virginia and everybody at my church. >> drew: there you go, mom and everybody at his church. needs that dollar, his first number is going to be a 20. looking for the 80. 80 is right down below here. has to go around at least once. here comes 80. nice touch on the wheel, let's see if it pays off. slow down! it was a good idea though, nice meeting you. come on over here, shadd. ( cheers and applause ) so you get a $1,000 bonus and a bonus spin. it has to go around at least once, if it doesn't it doesn't count. make sure it goes around at least one, no do-overs on this one. five or 15 gets you $10,000. dollar gets you $25,000. go ahead, shadd. get that dollar. and of course whatever you win on the wheel... oh, no. no. not going to make it. that's okay, you got an extra $1,000 and you're on your way to the showcase, congratulations. ( cheers and applause ) shadd is going to the showcase, we've got more "price is right" with jenny mccarthy, coming right up. don't go away, folks! ( cheers and applause ) [ male announcer ] commode. potty. john. loo. latr
Sep 5, 2012 8:00pm EDT
and shannon, please welcome ed meagher from virginia. [applause] >> good evening. call my name is ed meagher. can you to imagine how it feels to return to a war, emotionally, can -- from a war, emotionally entangled. and the country you are fighting for does not welcome you home. as the veteran of, he of the it war -- vietnam war, i know how that feels. i decided i would do what i can to get the soldiers returning from iraq and afghanistan to get a better welcome home than i had carried along with two of my fellow veterans, i worked with some of the most seriously injured soldiers and families. to lift their spirits. we held entities to realize that even though they have lost limbs, they have their lives. operation jumpstart helps them strategically think about the next phase of their lives. we have helped punch up resumes, but they do knox know they are marketable. we have coached them in france business outfits and computers to help with job searches. supporting our efforts is president obama's actions, increasing the budget to $140 billion in 2013. fully funding the new gi bill allowing o
Sep 10, 2012 10:00pm PDT
and turn them out. when you see him with pat robertson in virginia, there are other constituencies, but christian conservatives in vermont arvery important. when you see him with steve king in iowa, cultural conservatives are important to governor romney. to bay's point about the poll, a lot of people question every poll. but the reason those numbers exist in our poll, the president now plus six is that after his convention, democratic intensity, enthusiasm is up and republican enthusiasm is down. yes, governor romney is winning among dependents but there's a temporary enthusiasm shift in favor of the democrats. we'll see if it lasts. anderson, one more point, i was getting e-mails saying the democrats are overplaying their hands. look at these numbers, which candidate shares your values. the president has a seven-point advantage. 51% to 42% says the president has your values. two weeks ago it was essentially a tie. >> at least at the moment, nationally, if the talk was supposed to hurt the president, if conservatives thought it t would it hasn't nationally. we picked president sta
Sep 13, 2012 8:00am PDT
event in fairfax, virginia, and burning question of this hour is will the gop presidential nominee keep up with these searing attacks on president obama's anti-american reaction overseas or tamp it down in light of the political counterattacks or will he avoid the topic altogether and try to switch gears to the economy, say? we will know soon enough, but in the meantime, wolf blitzer is weighing in from washington. wolfthere has been quite a bit of volley of attacks going back and forth in the last 24 hours, and some of this has come within mitt romney's own party. he does not have a solid bloc behind him supporting what he said when he criticized the president and the administration's reaction to what is going on overseas. >> he has always had a certain number of republicans as you well know, a lot of the conservatives and the tea party akvists who were always skeptical and dramatically reassured by paul ryan being added to the ticket which helped, but always a element that never really loved mitt romney to begin with. let me play for you two clips and the reaction to mitt romney's tou
Sep 10, 2012 7:00pm PDT
of my heart. >> that was mitt romney in virginia, on saturday. campaigning with the 700 club's pat robertson, subjecting that president obama was somehow planning to take god off the currency. in fairness, mitt romney opened up with three sentences about the jobless numbers and then got on the talk about god. then talked about president obama's policy spends his time on talking about the economy. when they asked what he was actually saying. the campaign manager certainly repeated the talking point. he said the subject has been the economy, is the economy and will be the economy. mitt romney doesn't want to change the subject. he wants to change the economy and that's what he's going to do as president. to be fair, fair enough. that's the message that they want us to get. but that's not all coming from the candidate on the campaign trail. here's governor romney today i ohio. >> when and if i become president of the united states, i will not take god out of my heart, i will not take god out of the public square, and i will not take it out of the platform of my party. >> well, the coi
Sep 17, 2012 3:00am PDT
the president. mike is calling from my mom's home state of virginia. good morning, mike. >> caller: good morning. john i wanted to talk to the mvp of current tv. >> i'm like the jimmy ohlson i know. i'm the scab de jour. >> as a fellow entertainer and stand-up comic, i have so much respect for you. >> john: thank you. it has been nice to come here and see what they are trying to do, and they really are going for something independent, they welcome critiques of the democratic party and the president. they are not pretending to be unbiased, but they are also refusing to be in the pocket of the dnc. >> caller: i think the biggest lie i can't stand from the rnc is, hey, we're just trying to help. >> john: they are trying to help. they just don't say who. >> caller: exactly, yes. >> john: when i hear them talking about the war on poverty, then i'll take them seriously. >> caller: yes. i'll originally from virginia but i'm calling from vest virginia, but that was not redneck enough for me. >> john: you are right. would love to see governor romney balk about the poor and
Sep 19, 2012 2:00pm PDT
to virginia where a new york times/cbs/quinnipiac poll finds president obama with a four-point lead over mitt romney. about the same there, 50/46. in wisconsin, same poll shows the president leading by six, 51/45. that's important given paul ryan is on the ticket. in colorado, obama with a small lead. tricky now that state. why is colorado tricky? 47/48. to pennsylvania with the new muhlen bechlt erg/morning call poll. to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ >>> welcome back to "hardball." the flood gates have opened. criticism of the romney campaign by his fellow republicans is growing louder and fiercer since romney's caught on tape comments on that 47% came to light monday. here was republican strat
Sep 6, 2012 12:00pm EDT
and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. >> welcome back to 11 news at noon. dr. oz is here. >> great to be here. i grew up in wilmington, delaware. >> season for is right around the corner. what can we expect from this season? >> i learned a lot about what i think america needs. i want to figure out why so many of us are stuck. we are going to launch the season at ellis island. it is where the country got started. immigrants came to get a new start in life. i want to focus on the parts of the body that people do not think are working for them. you can be booed your body. i will take back my name. -- reboot your body. i never license my name to anybody. >> you are going to make a point of stressing that. we have michelle obama coming on wednesday. i want to have some big name individuals who have a lot to say. i have a big agenda in i am proud of it. >> you have a big female following. you talk about female health. if you gave women one piece of device to change for better health, what could they do? >> women sacrifice themselves so much. if they are not healthy, they cannot
Sep 27, 2012 4:00am PDT
on the second try. >>> president obama will campaign in the critical battleground state of virginia today, where the latest polls give him a slight lead over mitt romney. the president's team is releasing a new two-minute advertisement this morning, which will be airing in virginia and five other toss-up states. >> if i could sit down with you in your living room or around the kitchen table, here's what i'd say. i'd ask the wealthy to pay a little more. and as we end the war in afghanistan, let's apply half the savings to pay down our debt and use the rest for some nation building right here at home. it's time for a new economic patriotism, rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong, thriving middle class. read my plan. compare it to governor romney's, and decide for yourself. >> again, this is a two-minute ad, unusually long in politics these days. the president goes on to promise to create more than 1 million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years if he is re-elected. >> mitt romney also stumps today at a campaign event with veterans, as he continues to get quest
Sep 19, 2012 2:00am PDT
in virginia and just a point in colorado. that's essentially a tie. what's interesting here is that to obama holds leads in almost every category, including national security. obama's numbers jumped in the foreign policy area there. on the economy where he's basically tied with romney's lead, john, but it's important to know the poll was taken just before this romney video surfaced. so we are still waiting for pollipol polling data to see if this is a media story or penetrating among potential voters to decide this election. >> peter, taken before the latest 47% controversy and obama still holds a lead in key states like wisconsin peechlter, great to see you this morning. at the bottom of the hour we'll talk to mario lopez, the president of the hispanic leadership fund about mitt romney trying to get the latino vote. >>> a line of violent storms making its way up the eastern seaboard. high winds and torrential rains made driving extremely dangerous. thunderstorms kicked up the rain in many areas and many also lost power. >> let's go to rob marciano. >> you were tip-toeing through power lines
Sep 15, 2012 12:30pm PDT
, florida, virginia, colorado, those big states. >> that the ruinous. >> secondly obama is at 53% approval and third in the head to head polls the average in real clear politics puts obama ahead about 4 points. that is very, very tough to overcome and it is hard to see what's going to bring romney around to overcome it. >> what are the three states he has to show well in? >> romney's got to win virginia, florida and ohio. >> he is behind in all three right now. >> behind in all three. >> can he close the gap? >> i think he can close the gap but it is going it take something. i don't see what will do it because i think foreign policy will be the benefit to the president who can act. >> john you need a little more time to settle down after the convention. no doubt the democrats had quite an effective convention, bill clinton's speech was effective. there is a 1 or two point leland nationally, ohio romney really can't win without ohio and the obama campaign has done a number on him there and the debates, there is major, major pressure on romney to perform well in the debates. >> the gender ga
Sep 16, 2012 5:00am EDT
showers, rain shower to the south of us down in north carolina and virginia and out into the kentucky area. high pressure will keep that away from us. currently at b.w.i. airport, 54 degrees. the dew point around 51. humidity 90%, winds are calm and the barometer is 30.13. all good things must come to an end and the beginning of the week doesn't look that good. we will break that down for you coming up. >> our big story this morning, two more troops killed in attacks overseas. nato says a man believed to be a member of the afghan local police turned his weapon on two service members. >> the attack comes on the same day as the maryland guard unit that trained police in afghanistan returned home. george lettis has more on the story. >> it's fantastic to be home with the family again. >> the more than 40 maryland national guards men and women honored at a home coming saturday were assigned to the international security assistance force in afghanistan. they helped train the afghan army and police in the hopes they'll fight crime and the taliban on their own some day. the mission is a piece of
Sep 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
'll be back. bill: virginia wade, last brit to wane grand slam. mary: she then won the 1977 wimbledon title. there's sean connery back again. bill: they met here for the first time when sean connery kind of blasted into the press conference. conference. kind of a cool moment. [the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] bill: there they are together. following andy's semifinal win over tomas berdych saturday. john: i thought virginia won that wimbledon, 1977, that it was a frequent thing. it happened regularly. boy, was i wrong. bill: they've not had a male british grand slam champion in british grand slam champion in 76 years. bill: that is one of the burdens tha
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Sep 23, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. he will be in virginia later. he will also be in ohio. all the swing states were won by obama last time. in an interview with cbs, romney said the campaign is moving in the right direction. it does not need a turn around, he says. while the g.o.p. party chairman on the sunday talks acknowledged some difficulty over the leaked romney video, he sees a silver lining. >> we can look back at last week as a campaign and say, in a couple of months, this was the defining week in both campaigns where both campaigns, i think, are crystallizing around a central team. that is, what kind of future do we want for our kids and grandchild? >> president obama is planning a trip to ohio this week. both candidates will club this week. after visiting the u.n. tomorrow, for the opening session of the u.n. general assembly, he will appear this week, he then heads to ohio. he criticizeed romney other comments that were leaked, which romney said were "inelegant." >> what is the elegant way of saying 47 percent of the people in the country are moochers? i would love to hear the elegant phrasing of that. >>
Sep 19, 2012 6:00am EDT
is getting heated. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is here on how mitt romney plans to put america back to work. >>> and "squawk" takes it to the high seas. >> yes. now you will survive. >> it's international talk like a pirate day. arrrh, matey, the second hour of "squawk box" starts now. ♪ >>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "squawk" on talk like a pirate day. i'm becky quick along with andrew ross-sorkin. the futures are indicated higher. yesterday we had a mixed close. now you see the futures up by 33 points, s&p 500 up by 2 1/3. japan bank becoming the latest to expand monetary easing. that's about $126 billion. and that move to boost the japanese economy helps the nikkei finish at a four-month high and pushed the yen higher. >>> teachers in chicago will be returning to work today, ending the first strike in 25 years. that comes after a tentative contract settlement that will be put to a union vote within a few weeks. it's expected to be passed. we will have more on this story in a few minutes, as well. >>> and a multibillion dollar sports deal could be in the works. it'
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